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City Limits Brew Pub, home of North Idaho Mountain Brew, proudly joins the esteemed group of breweries that have made their mark in Wallace over the years, including Sunset Brewing Company, Gem State Brewery, Deluxe Brewing, and Wallace Brewing. In 2008, North Idaho Mountain Brew was granted its license, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for Mark Burmeister who utilized a 10-gallon brewing system in his home garage to create unique microbrews. Soon, these delightful brews found their way to local establishments such as the Red Light Garage, Lookout Pass Ski Area, and Silver Mountain Resort. In May 2011, City Limits Pub opened its doors, offering patrons not only a rich history with its liquor license, but also four on-tap North Idaho Mountain Brews. By June of that same year, our brand-new 7-barrel (217-gallon) Premier System catapulted our beer brewing production to new heights. The entire brewery is strategically situated just beyond the bar’s walls, offering intriguing tours for those curious to explore our craft. At City Limits Pub, all of our taps proudly showcase our in-house brews, which naturally includes an impressive selection of original favorites. Among these cherished classics are Sunset Red, Mountain Top Amber, and Loft Honey. Additionally, North Idaho Mountain Brew can be found on tap at numerous establishments throughout the Silver Valley and Coeur d’Alene, further highlighting its widespread popularity and appeal.

Our Microbrews

We are proud to offer an impressive selection of craft beers for your enjoyment. Our pour sizes range from 5oz, 12oz, 16oz, as well as Flights and Pitchers. Take your favorite brew to-go in a 32oz Crowler can or a 64oz Growler.

 (Except for our Nitro variety.)

BALDY BLONDE  (6.0% IBU 25)  Easy drinking full bodied ale that has no dominating hop or malt characteristics.

LOFT HONEY  (8.5% IBU 42)  A strong Pale Ale infused with real honey, lightly hopped with a subtle sweet finish.

MOUNTAIN TOP AMBER  (6.0% IBU 40)  A balancing middle between our Baldy Blonde and Pulaski Porter, our Amber is very malty and full bodied.

PULASKI PORTER  (6.5% IBU 25)  Dark roasted malts create a deep rich color and flavor that hint at chocolate and coffee, creating a lightly smoked Porter.

MILK STOUT Nitro (4.4% IBU 24) Rich and robust, our classic Milk Stout exhibits notes of chocolate, coffee and roasted malts.

PLACER PILSNER  (5.0% IBU 28) Made with German and American hops and grain giving this Pilsner a unique flavor profile, followed by a clean finish.

JACKASS JUICY IPA  (6.2% IBU 50) All the flavor and aroma in this Juicy IPA comes from hops.  The dominant hop Sultana brings notes of pineapple and citrus.

CITRA PEAK IPA ( 6.5% IBU 74) An IPA with a citrus flavor and aroma, balanced with a slight bitterness at the end.

BLOOD ORANGE IPA (6.5% IBU 60) A West Coast IPA with all the aromas and flavors of Blood Orange. (Seasonal)

Silver Valley
Brew Club

Whether you’re an experienced brewer or a new hophead, our brew club is the best way to connect with your local community of homebrewers.


Brew Club Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 6 pm

Visit their Facebook Page at:

For more information call North Idaho Mountain Brew at (208) 556-1120


Merchandise and Apparel

All items are on display for sale at City Limits Brew Pub.

Gift cards available.




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Take exit 61 – it’s the first Wallace exit
Right off of the ramp
Left onto Silver Valley Road and go around the corner/bend in the road (at the library)
Take the first left onto Pine Street
Take a left onto 6th Street
Go under the freeway
The brick building on the right is North Idaho Mountain Brew, located inside of City Limits Brew Pub


Take exit 62 – it’s the first Wallace exit
Left off the ramp
Go around the bend/corner and continue through town. You should pass Harvest Foods and Pizza Factory
Take a right onto 6th Street and continue under the freeway
Go under the freeway
The brick building on the right is North Idaho Mountain Brew, located inside of City Limits Brew Pub


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