Try one of our Microbrew Beers brewed on site available in 12oz, 16oz, Sampler Tray, or a Pitcher.

BEER TO GO: Purchase a 32oz Crowler (can) or 64oz Growler (glass), and have filled with any North Idaho Mountain Brew on tap.

  • BALDY BLONDE  (6.0% IBU 25)  A full flavored thirst-quenching Blonde ale.
  • LOFT HONEY  (8.5% IBU 42)  A strong Pale Ale infused with real honey, lightly hopped, lending to its fruity flavor and subtle sweet finish.
  • SUMMIT SESSION  (4.8% IBU 35)  Light in alcohol and bitterness, with a mild citrus flavor.  Designed for those that want to enjoy several in a session.
  • MOUNTAIN TOP AMBER  (6.0% IBU 40)  A balancing middle between our Baldy Blonde and Pulaski Porter, our Amber is very malty and full bodied.
  • RASPBERRY WHEAT (Seasonal) (6.0% IBU 15)  American-style wheat ale made with over 100lbs of real raspberries.
  • PULASKI PORTER  (6.5% IBU 25)  Dark roasted malts create a deep rich color and flavor that hint at chocolate and coffee, creating a lightly smoked Porter.
  • BLOOD ORANGE IPA (Seasonal) (6.8% IBU 60)  A whirl of the aromas and flavors of blood orange and hops.  Perfect IPA for a hot summer day.
  • CRIPPLE CREEK IPA  (6.8% IBU 61)  An American style IPA that is dry hopped with Amarillo for a floral aroma up front, then finishes with a little bitterness.
  • CITRA PEAK IPA  (6.5% IBU 74)  An IPA with a citrus flavor and aroma, balanced with a slight bitterness at the end.
  • BLACK IPA (Seasonal) (7.5% IBU 52) This IPA pours black as night with malty and light roasted notes.  Complimented with a variety of hops for added flavor and aroma.
  • MILK STOUT (Nitro)  (5.0% IBU 24) Brewed with dark malts that lend to the taste of chocolate.  Then Milk Sugar is added to make it smooth and creamy.